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Taiga & Tundra
what's the differences?


  1. It extends in the sub polar belt of N. America and Eurasia (55° to 66.5° north)
  2. It is a belt of coniferous forest.
  3. The winters are long and cold. Summers are short and warm.
  4. It is the land of fur bearing animals, e.g., mink, silver fox, squirrel, etc.
  5. Have a plant like spruce, pine, and fir


  1. It extends beyond the Arctic and Antarctic Circle (66.5° to the poles).
  2. Mosses and lichens are found with few stunted trees beyond the Taiga region.
  3. The winters are very long and severe. Summers are very short and warm.
  4. It is the land with few animals like polar bear, reindeer, and walrus.
  5. Have a plant like snallow-rooted, mosses, lichens, and grasses.

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