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Taiga Biome

Taiga is a forest biome consisting mostly of cone-bearing evergreen trees. It cover most of Finland. The main tree species, the length of the growing season and summer temperatures vary. Finnish taiga consists of a mix of spruce, pines and birch.


Environmental Issues

Currently, The Taiga is experiencing deforestation. Unfortunately, many of the products we use every day are a product of logging, or harvesting trees for human use, in the taiga. Much of the wood that fills our home, such as the beams holding it together and our hardwood floors, come from the taiga. Paper products, such as newsprint, also originate from trees in the taiga.

Another environmental issue facing our entire world - not just the taiga - is climate change. Climate change is caused by global warming, an increase in global temperature. With the frigid temperatures in the taiga, we might think global warming would make life easier for the animals there; but animals and plants in the taiga are adapted to thrive in a cool climate. Taiga animals are unable to survive in warmer climates, causing endangerment and even the possibility of extinction for many native species.

The Solution

To help reduce using a product that made from trees, yes we cannot avoid everything that made from trees such as paper, But we can reduce the usage of it. And to not cutting down too many trees, the way we can help is to plant more trees to replace those trees that were cut down.

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